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m_mcfoul's Journal

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Посол Американской Культуры Майкл Макфоул
1 January
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Этот аккаунт является пародией. Создание пародий защищается принципом Fair Use и соответствующими законами о копирайте Соединенных Штатов Америки, а также судебным решениями, в частности решением Верховного Суда США в деле Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc.


In Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. Supreme Court recognized parody as a fair use, even when done for profit. Roy Orbison's publisher, Acuff-Rose Music Inc., had sued 2 Live Crew in 1989 for their use of Orbison's "Oh, Pretty Woman" in a mocking rap version with altered lyrics. The Supreme Court viewed 2 Live Crew's version as a ridiculing commentary on the earlier work, and ruled that when the parody was itself the product rather than used for mere advertising, commercial sale did not bar the defense.

Кроме этого имперсонация знаменитостей допускается Пользовательским Соглашением Живого Журнала:


Journals which exist as satire of, or to role-play as a public figure are considered allowable so long as the journal very clearly states that the journal author is not actually the person they are representing. This should be visible both in the journal's profile and in the journal itself (either incorporated into the style or in a future dated entry). One such disclaimer, which users in this situation are welcome to use, is:

"In creating this journal, the author has assumed another person's identity for the sole purpose of entertainment, without intending to obtain a benefit or to injure or defraud either the person whose identity the author has assumed, nor any reader of this content."


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